Party Options

Crystal Rhinestone T-Shirt / Bag Party –

This is one of our most popular parties. We will help your budding designers to combine colourful crystal rhinestones to achieve a wonderful unique t-shirt/ bag or hoodie. The t-shirts/bags and hoodie’s come in a choice of colours and each child will be given a collection of designs to inspire their imagination. This is an extremely creative party and the results achieved by the children are amazing. The joy on their faces when they see what they have created and the pleasure they have when wearing their t-shirts is wonderful. This party option includes, invitations, all materials, gift wrapping and thank you cards.

Prices start from £120

Onesie Party

Do you love your ‘Onesie’? Do love a bit of bling? Why not give your child the ultimate sleepover party. The birthday girl and her friends can create their own unique crystal rhinestone design and have the best ‘Onesie’ in town!!! All materials (including high quality onesies), crystal rhinestones, invitations and thank you cards are included in the cost of the party. The completed onesies will be given to the party guests in luxury packaging ready to wear – so no need for party bags!!

Prices start from £200

Jewellery Parties

At a Kidz Krystals jewellery making party the birthday child and friends are promised a fabulous time and you will be amazed and delighted by their jewellery creations. We will help them choose beautiful combinations of beads & charms, teach them how to build bead patterns, demonstrate and help them to make their very own unique pieces of jewellery.

Option 1 –

The children will choose from a selection of high quality beads and charms and create a pretty memory wire bracelet, hairband and porcelain heart shaped trinket tray with ribbon, acrylic paint pens, crystal rhinestones and gems. All materials, invitations, party bags and thank you cards are included in the cost.

Option 2 –

This is the perfect party for those wanting to learn the art of jewellery making. The girls will learn the correct use of basic jewellery tools and several simple beading techniques. Once demonstrated there is no limit to what they can achieve. They will each be given a silver plated charm bracelet and a large selection of high quality beads and charms to inspire their imaginations. We will help and guide them to give them the tools to create a beautiful piece of jewellery that they will treasure forever. The finished bracelets will be presented in a beautiful gift box for each guest to take home. The cost of the party includes invitations, all materials and gift wrapping.

Option 3 –

This is such a cute creative party for girls of all ages. We will show the girls how to make their wish bracelets from a selection of colourful silk threads, delicate charms and beads. There are so many different ways to make these cute little bracelets. The girls will then have an hour to create their pretty bracelet stack. The idea behind the wish bracelet is that you make a wish, and tie it on. The silk thread will eventually wear out, when the bracelet falls off, which sounds a little sad, your wish is then ‘released and supposed to come true. And because girls love making wishes, and these bracelets are really on trend, they will love, love, love this party. The finished bracelets will all be tied onto a pretty gift card ready for them to either tie to their own wrist or to give to their friends.
The cost of the party includes all invitations, materials, beads, charms,
packaging, a special wish bracelet from me for each girl with their own initial,
party bag and thank you cards.

Our jewellery party packages start from £120

Creative Themed Art Parties

Princess Dreams – Art Castle Party

Does your little princess dream of having her very own castle?

Our ultimate princess party is packed full of creative fun and games. Your little princess will not only decorate her very own play castle with her party guests, make beautiful princess crowns, play some truly magical princess themed games, but there’s more… Once the party is over your beautiful princess will get to keep her magical castle for endless hours of fun, leaving her with an amazing momento of her ultimate princess party.

Worried about the mess? Don’t !! Floor coverings and aprons are provided and if you don’t want any paint we can provide some fabulous no mess acrylic paint pens, gems, glitter foam stickers, tissue and lots, lots more… This is a truly fabulous fun and creative party for children 5 years upwards

We have various size castles to suit your party requirements.

Rocket Art Party

5,4,3,2,1 we have lift off!!

The Space Adventure begins. The Space party is perfect for both boys and girls who are longing for a space mission! Each guest will be given their ‘Astronaut in Training’ badge & T-shirt and join their Commander (birthday child) in decorating his very own Play Space Rocket. With their rocket complete it will be time for ‘Blast Off’!

Your child and his/her guests will enjoy playing space themed party games including Moon Rock Treasure Hunt, Moon Walk and Freeze, Rocket Balloon Race and many more. Once the party is over your child will get to keep their decorated Rocket for endless hours of fun!! The cost of this party includes all invitations, crafts, 3D Castle, decorating materials, party bags, personalised astronaut in training t-shirts, certificates for each child and thank you cards! All you need to do is sit back and enjoy.

The rocket is also available in silver.

Knights & Dragons Party

Knights… Dragons… & Castles!! Hear ye! Hear ye! Calling all brave knights and fair maidens!!(2 hour party)

Every little boy dreams of being a knight and slaying the dragon! What better way to celebrate his birthday than letting him be a ‘knight in shining armour’ on his special day. Each child will make their own Knight’s shield and then join the birthday child in decorating his very own play castle. The fun continues with the Knight’s royal treasure quest, Dragon’s Egg Bust, Pass the royal box game and many more… Once the party is over your knight in shining armour will get to keep his amazing castle for endless hours of fun!!!

The cost of the party includes all invitations, crafts, 3D Castle, decorating materials, personalised certificate of knighthood, personalised party bags and thank you cards.

Various size castles are available to suit your requirements

Prices start from £225

Fairy Wishes

With a sprinkling of ‘fairy dust’ and a wave of a wand make all her wishes come true!
What better way to celebrate a little girls birthday than by having a an Enchanted Fairy Craft birthday Party. On arrival the Birthday child and her guests will be given a beautiful fairy tutu costume to dress up in for the duration of the party, each little girl will decorate their own fairy wings, make a beautiful fairy house for their very own fairy to visit with fabric leaves, flowers, butterflies and once complete a sprinkling of ‘fairy dust’!

Then its off to play find the fairy feathers, fairy freeze, pass the magic parcel and finally make their fairy wishes. All the guests will receive their very own bottle of magic fairy dust, and fairy party bag to take home all their beautiful creations. The cost of the party includes all invitations, crafts, materials, party prizes, personalised fairy certificates, party bags and thank you cards. Need us to source a themed birthday cake? Just ask? All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your those precious, magical moments.

Prices start from £175

Wedding Packages

Whilst it is great having children at your wedding, sitting still and being on their best behaviour throughout the ceremony, the photographs and then the reception can be very tiring for anyone let alone a little one. Children can often get bored and boredom can make the most angelic child begin to act up!

That’s where we come in. We have a range of wedding packages to help keep little ones entertained for hours. We can arrange a complete party package or create activity bags or boxes to keep your little guests enthralled. If you need some help with the children at your wedding then give me a call or email to see how we can help.

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The above are just some of our party options. I love creating new parties and so if you are not sure of your theme or something is not listed that you would like me to create for you just give me a call or email to discuss more of our party options.

Hi Bev, I really enjoyed my party and so did all my friends. This is a very BIG thank you from me to you! I hope I can have another one of your parties very soon.

– Love from Rhianna


So Bev, thank you for such a great, fantastic, enjoyable and relaxing birthday party. I can assure you, you will be hearing from us again in the future. Who knows, maybe us mums will have a “get-together” party!

– Susan Brown

(Buckhurst Hill)

Just a note to say that Freya thoroughly enjoyed her party. All the girls had a great time and were very happy with the jewellery they made – as were the mums very impressed! We would definitely, and have already, recommend the party to friends. Thanks again.

– Tracey, Pete & Freya